La Dawn Gallegos, Consultant and CSM

As a tailored fractional services provider, 512Financial is committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients. Today, we’re excited to share insights from La Dawn Gallegos, one of our Consultants and Customer Success Managers (CSM), as she sheds light on the pivotal responsibilities she holds and the impactful solutions she brings to our clients.

CSM Key Responsibilities:

  1. Efficient Invoice Auditing:

    With a medium sized law practice, La Dawn devised a streamlined process to audit invoices worth millions of dollars efficiently. This initiative resolved long-standing audit delays, ensuring smoother financial operations.

  2. Timely Renewal Management:

    At a medium sized software development company, La Dawn ensures that renewal quotes are promptly provided to clients, increasing renewal likelihood and boosting Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

  3. Process Optimization:

    Across all clients, La Dawn focuses on establishing and maintaining efficient processes to streamline finance operations, minimize errors, and enhance overall productivity.

CSM Unique Responsibilities:

As a CSM, La Dawn plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing smooth onboarding experiences for both 512Financial and new clients. This encompasses not only ensuring a seamless transition but also managing the check-in and follow-up process to stay connected with client needs and concerns. This holistic approach is crucial in cultivating and maintaining strong partnerships with our clients right from the start.

Passions and Best Practices:

La Dawn finds joy in creating and refining processes to enhance efficiency and witnessing the tangible results of these improvements. Her critical piece of advice revolves around effective time management, leveraging techniques like time blocking to stay focused and productive. Additionally, she thrives in relationship management, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries, maintaining transparency, and effectively managing client expectations, which are key best practices for fostering strong partnerships.

Client Success Story:

One notable challenge La Dawn tackled was implementing Avalara for a client facing complex tax calculation issues. Through careful evaluation and client consultation, La Dawn guided the client to stick with Avalara, avoiding a potentially costly mistake with an alternative software solution.

Surprising Realizations and Expertise:

La Dawn has been pleasantly surprised by the forgiving nature of most clients, emphasizing the importance of transparency and proactive problem-solving in client relationships. Her expertise lies in process optimization and fostering smooth client onboarding experiences.

At 512Financial, we’re dedicated to excellence in tailored fractional services and client satisfaction.

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