How a fractional HR team can help you show your employees you care

In our overly digital world, taking time to give personal attention to employees improves morale, reduces turnover, and builds a stronger organization. This is what makes HR so crucial to your business. If you feel your HR team might need some help, it’s time to call in the experts to help level up your HR function.

Why you might benefit from hiring a fractional HR team

Having a full-time HR team can be expensive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. However, without one you may be missing out on key opportunities for improvement for both your business and for your employees. A fractional HR team can help you better listen to your employees and their needs. This team can make sure your systems, platforms, and organization are up to date and optimized for efficiency. Finally, a fractional HR team can set up your HR essentials, such as your payroll and employee handbook.

Recently, at a smaller 40-person research services company, the 512Financial HR team stepped into the role of HR. Our seasoned HR expert, Melissa Buhro, SPHR, realized by listening to the employees, that they were not getting paid on time and were having other issues within the organization. 512Financial’s fractional HR team cleaned up and better organized all their systems, including state tax regulations, payroll runs, and benefit deductions. Melissa and the team were also able to streamline their timecard keeping system, update their workers compensation policy, get their insurance concierge service up-to-date, and work on a better timing system for their payrolls. Our company boosted overall employee satisfaction by reducing inefficiencies, improving processes, and fixing errors.

Smaller startups also benefit from Fractional HR. Our HR Coordinator, Jeni Testa, helped an aerospace manufacturing company in a matter of months with significant improvements. This included implementing a streamlined payroll platform, running the first company payroll, and drafting their employee handbook. Small wins can add up to massive gains in fostering a healthy employee culture.

512Financial gives an Outside Perspective

Maybe you know something is wrong or not working as efficiently as it could, but you are not sure what or how to improve it. While listening to your employees is great, if you cannot fix the problem, it is useless. Our team of experts come with a variety of experience and have seen it all.

At a medium-sized software development company with over 100 employees, employees discovered multiple organizational inefficiencies. By reaching out to 512Financial and hiring our fractional services, Brianna Bonnet and our other HR professionals were able to save time every week by integrating payroll with their HRIS platform. The team was also able to help the company transition employees’ payroll and 401K to a much more efficient system.

By finding ways to save your employees time and making sure their concerns are heard and addressed, you are showing them you care and value their hard work.

What does a Fractional HR Team Look Like?

Fractional HR teams offer many advantages. HR specialists ensure that an organization adheres to best practices and legal guidelines, HR generalists are a great resource for employees and management by providing support and expertise in many areas, HR managers collaborate with senior management to develop people strategies aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. Lastly HR directors make sure the workforce is well-managed, motivated, and aligned with the company’s mission and values.

With fractional HR services, you will gain access to a wide variety of HR professionals with diverse experiences in various industries. In other words, your business will be well taken care of with the most seasoned professionals. You are also able to tailor and adjust the amount of support from our team depending on your current needs. At 512Financial, we understand that the HR department needs to adapt as your company grows and evolves, our goal is to ensure your team has the services you need at the time you need them. If you eventually decide to hire an in-house HR team, we will support you with a successful transition.

Employees are the heartbeat of an organization. It is about fostering a culture of trust, respect, and support that will in turn drive organizational success. 512Financial helps companies implement the human touch in their business and helps with retention, responsiveness to changing trends in the workplace, and overall efficiency. Fractional HR services allow you to access professional HR expertise without the cost of a full-time team. If you are interested in learning more about fractional HR services, contact us at 512Financial.